Pet of the Week

George, Maureen and Lacey Anderson
George, Maureen and Lacey Anderson

Catch up with Falkirk’s fetching furry friends

where are you from? Grangemouth.

who is your pet? Lacey, a two-year-old female Lhasa Apso.

how long have you had her? We bought Lacey as a puppy.

Why did you choose her? This is our second Lhasa Apso. We like the breed as they are small and beautiful - they look great! Maureen works as a hairdresser, and loves styling, and Lhasa Apsos are perfect to spend time grooming.

what’s she like to live with? She’s great. She has a very good temperament. Lhasa Apsos can be very yappie - they have a loud bark. They can also be very wary of strangers, but they are very loyal. They were originally bred by Tibetan monks, who would wear them in their sleeves.

would you recommend them as a pet? We would say they are not for children. They are very small dogs, and need to be looked out for.

does she have any special talents? Lacey won first prize in The Falkirk Herald’s 2012 pet competition, in association with Borg Grech Photography. She received the most votes from readers.