Performers journey together

FDAMH drama group members take a break from rehearsals
FDAMH drama group members take a break from rehearsals

It is often said that it is better to travel than to arrive.

Members of Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH) hope the enjoyment they have had on the journey through rehearsals for their new drama project Navigation Through Life continues when the time arrives to perform it at Behind the Wall, Melville Street, Falkirk on Thursday, March 3.

Working in conjunction with professional drama director Kat Wilson, FDAMH media group has created a piece of theatre designed to raise awareness of, and provoke discussion about, mental health issues.

Funded by Network Rail as part of its community engagement strategy, the drama initiative centres on journeys and waiting, and those two themes are being explored through creative writing, movement, improvisation and performance – with many of the situations which appear in the work based on the actual experiences of the performers themselves.

A long-established mental health charity serving the Falkirk area, FDAMH’s mission is to promote mental wellbeing by providing a range of services as well as support, education and training related to mental health to carers across the local community.

Through this recent theatrical project and the art class and related exhibition which took place in Falkirk Town Hall earlier this year, FDAMH has allowed many individuals to work towards and accomplish their personal goals.

The forthcoming singing workshop with professional coach Kim Edgar aims to do the same.

A FDAMH spokesperson said: “We treat one another with respect and value the contributions that come from individuals that we encounter and we are committed to being honest and transparent in all relationships.

“Our vision is to be regarded as a centre of excellence at providing services, training and education in relation to mental wellbeing and contribute to the work of reducing the stigma and discrimination commonly associated with mental ill health.”

This commitment by members and the volunteers who help out on a regular basis will be plain to see for the audience members who attend next Thursday night’s performance at Behind the Wall.

Navigation Through Life starts at 7pm.

Tickets are free and available now from the reception at FDAMH in Victoria Road, Falkirk.