Will Stephanie Say Yes To The Dress?

Stephanie has been looking for her perfect wedding dress
Stephanie has been looking for her perfect wedding dress

For any bride-to-be, choosing a wedding dress is a big decision.

Family and friends can help, but not every girl gets advice from Princess Diana’s wedding dress creator David Emanuel.

But Longcroft’s Stephanie White did when she became the first Scottish bride to appear on reality TV show Say Yes To the Dress.

The series, which has been a big hit in the US, is giving British brides the chance to find the perfect gown with help from experts.

And when the show looked for people to appear, Stephanie’s family thought she would be a perfect contestant.

“I’d tried on a lot of wedding dresses,” said Stephanie, who works for her family’s business Heat Secured and Bathtime in Falkirk.

“I was started to think I wouldn’t find anything.”

But after interviews with the show’s producers, Stephanie (25), mum Leigh White, 18-year-old sister Chloe White and future mum-in-law Helen Lockhart journeyed to Essex in July for filming.

“It was amazing to have advice from David Emanuel because not everyone who appears on the show gets that,” said Stephanie.

“We were also in a shop with around 200 dresses which was really good.”

See it on TLC 9pm tomorrow (Friday).