Wee Harry (4) cried tears of joy as he coined in almost £4000 for the NHS

A four-year-old boy from Grangemouth wept with happiness as he completed his cycle 20km to raise over £3600 for the NHS – not bad when his original dream was to reach £20.

Harry Wright has spent the last few weekends getting on his bike and completing 5k cycle routes in Grangemouth and Paisley and last weekend his fourth and final ride saw him receive a very special escort from a local biker club.

Dad Gavin said:“It went perfectly, the bikers joined him and followed him near the end. He wanted to go and do another cycle afterwards, but we told him that was him finished – he had done it and he was quite sad about that.

“He burst out crying when he finished, but I think it was all the people there supporting him, it was quite emotional for him. He’s my wee hero.”

Harry Wright with joins Gavin as he limbers up for his last 5k cycle ride to raise funds for the NHS

Harry started his challenge after the COVID-19 lockdown forced him to stay home from nursery and after he was inspired by someone nearly a full century older than him.

Gavin said: “Harry has been splitting time between his mum’s house in Renfrew and my house here in Grangemouth. He watched Captain Tom Moore on the news and started asking why was he doing what he was doing.

“I explained you know why you are not going to nursery, because of the coronavirus, well people are getting really unwell from it and the doctors and nurses are helping them, but sometimes they need a bit more money and support.”

Young Harry thought to himself and realised if a 100-year-old can help then a four-year-old should be able to as well.

“He just said out of the blue he would like to help the NHS too,” said Gavin. “So between his mum and me we organised this bike riding idea.”

The family came up with a challenge for Harry to complete a 20km ride in easy to manage 5km sections.

Gavin said: “He started with a 5k, going from my house in Abbotsford Drive and then cycling in Inchyra Park, heading along Tinto Drive and through Rannoch Park – it worked out at around 5.5 km.”

Initially Harry had quite a modest target in mind.

“He told me he wanted to help heal the world,” said Gavin. “I asked him how much money do you think that will take. He said £20. His Just Giving page is still running so he may reach £4000 before we hand it over to the NHS.”

www.justgiving.com/fundraising/harry-wright15 to donate to the cause.