Two dogs found abandoned in Falkirk on the look out for a forever home

Holly and Phillip are on the lookout for a new home – but they’ve not given up the Good Morning couch!

This pair are strays and the two Petite Lurchers were found wandering the streets of Falkirk by police officers.

They named them after the TV presenters, as the lovable duo are the best of friends and full of fun.

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Approximately five year old, the dogs are full to the brim with energy and enjoy running around the garden playing with one another, as well as going for walks side by side.

Phillip in particular loves to be around Holly and couldn’t bear to be away from her.

Kim McNeill, assistant manager at Dogs Trust West Calder, said: “Both pooches are very sweet and gentle. They can be a little shy when meeting new people but a little fuss and a scratch behind the ears is sure way to their hearts!

“In his short time at the centre, Phillip has already shown off his skills when racing around the agility course. Holly is a very sweet girl who loves to investigate the world around her and explore all of the different sights and smells.”

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The people at Dogs Trust would love for the new owner of this couple of hyper pooches to be ready to commit to these dogs for life.

Having two dogs can be a good thing as they can keep each other company and help one another to adapt to new environments and situations fast.

If you think you can offer Holly and Phillip their dream home where they can play, nap and cuddle together, get in touch with the team at the West Calder Rehoming Centre on 01506 873459 or visit to learn about all 50 dogs at the centre currently searching for a family of their own.

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