Tamfourhill couple’s special outdoor wedding

Newly-weds Amanda MacLean and Brian Brown say their outdoor wedding –  the first for Falkirk Registry service post-lockdown – was a very special day they will remember for all the right reasons.

The new Mrs Brown and husband Brian were due to get married on April 8 but the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to cancel – just three days before they should have tied the knot in Falkirk Registry Office.

The cancellation was devastating for Amanda as she and Brian had a very special reason for finally getting married, having been together for 12 years.

Amanda’s mum, Margaret, is terminally ill so the couple had decided they had put the big day off long enough and they set on an April wedding to make sure that she would be there to share the special day.

“We wanted to get married before we lost her and we managed it. She was with us and she loved it – everyone was so nice to her,” said Amanda.

The ceremony, with the couple and their close family, took place today in the garden in front of Falkirk’s municipal buildings, sheltered by trees and beside the Victorian streetlamps.

“It was absolutely fantastic – it was better than being inside in the Registry Office. It was so pretty and peaceful – it was just absolutely beautiful,” said Amanda.

She thanked assistant registrar Alex Mocian who solemnised the ceremony and the rest of the team for helping to make it such a lovely occasion.

Amanda MacLean and Brian Brown with children Chester and Erin Brown.

“There were bowls of beautiful roses on the table and they’d had the gardener in that morning to plant more plants with flowers so it was lovely – I’m actually really glad we weren’t inside.”

As well as mum Margaret, dad Alastair and Amanda’s Auntie Margaret were also there, as well as her sister Amy and children Chester and Erin.

The couple were lucky with the weather and the sun came out – which was ideal because as it was the first day after lockdown the registry service had been able to locate a gazebo of any sort. 

“We weren’t worried because the trees make it very sheltered anyway, but it was just so lovely and so fresh,” said Amanda. 

The family enjoyed a lovely tea together in their own home in Tamfourhill after the event, when Amanda could kick off her shoes and relax, and they intend to go to Arbroath later in July.

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