South Queensferry taxi couple set fare for retirement

A South Queensferry couple are set to retire their business next month after 25 years of running a successful taxi firm from their home.
Arne and Julie Fredriksen of Arne's Private Hire Taxis.Arne and Julie Fredriksen of Arne's Private Hire Taxis.
Arne and Julie Fredriksen of Arne's Private Hire Taxis.

Arne and Julie Fredriksen will end Arne’s Private Hire Taxis on September 3, after a quarter of a century of transporting locals around.

Julie (58) explained the decision, and joked that the business was the reason the couple will celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary in November. She said: “We just felt we have come to a natural end. We had a lot time off last year because of Covid and it made us realise how much we have given up over the years.

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"And we have a lot of trade with the airport so that’s obviously been hit.

"We will be sad to see it go but it’s the right time for us to take it a bit easier. I think we have been quite successful.

"My children don’t know a life without taxis so it’s going to be strange. Although, we are looking forward to having some time to ourselves, not having to get up at 3.30am and going to bed at 8.30pm.

"I did earlies, he did lates. So we never saw each other. Maybe that’s the secret to a long marriage!”

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The Queensferry born and bred couple, who also used to run the Moorings pub, are well known in the town.

Julie added: "Arne’s father was Norwegian so that’s where his name comes from. And because of that he is well known locally. It should have been named after me as I did more work! We had a large fleet of vehicles but over the years we have cut back.

"We would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the years.

"We have made lots of friends and been involved in big events for locals. We have been invited to birthday parties etc. So a lot of customers are now our friends.

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"We had a lot of local guys driving for us over the years but it’s been just us for about the last five years.”

Looking back at the beginnings of Arne’s Private Hire Taxis, Jullie said: “Arne drove for another company, Ferry Taxis, and I answered the phones. Arne was just part-time on the taxis, but had an accident and couldn’t do manual labour anymore.

"So we decided to run our own company, going out on our own in September 1996.

“We have always got on with the other local taxi companies. We help each other out. No taxi wars here. Everybody is really friendly.”

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Arne (64) now works a couple of days in security at Edinburgh Airport, and will do so until he retires at 66.

Julie added: "I have been doing most of the driving. A bit of everything really. Taking calls, cleaning the cars, as well as driving. Now it’s time to relax a bit.”

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