South Queensferry man leads Runrig tribute band

A South Queensferry man is set to rekindle the magic of hearing one of Scotland’s biggest ever bands on stage when his tribute act hit the road.

New Runrig tribute band Beat The Drum, with South Queensferry lead singer Richie Muir (wearing hat), at Staffin Bay, Skye.
New Runrig tribute band Beat The Drum, with South Queensferry lead singer Richie Muir (wearing hat), at Staffin Bay, Skye.

Richie Muir from Scotstoun Park is the lead singer of new Runrig tribute act Beat The Drum.

Just over three years to the day since the Celtic rock legends hung up their guitars and instruments for the final time at the sell out ‘Last Dance’ shows, fans of the band will once again have an opportunity to hear the band’s music and immerse themselves in a Runrig experience when the mini-tour kicks begins on November 12 at Runrig’s spiritual home, The Skye Gathering Hall, before heading to the mainland for further dates.

Speaking about taking on the mantle of performing the songs of his favourite band on stage, Richie said: “Nobody knows more than me, the responsibility that comes with taking on the mantle of celebrating some of the best songs from one of, if not ‘the’ greatest Scottish band of all time, and each one of us is honoured to be able to pay tribute to the band and their music through this unique and exciting show.

"This came around during the first lockdown. I have always been a musician and done my own thing. But I started a Facebook page of me doing acoustic arrangements of Runrig songs and everyone seemed to like it.

"Then a management guy, Ben Marshall, got in touch with me and said lets do a tribute band, as there is still a demand for them as you can’t see them live anymore.

"I love the songs and I wanted to play them on stage and do them justice. The band are fantastic. Lots of people applied for different roles, about 20-30 applicants.”

Richie and the band are raring to go. He added: "We have done quite a few rehearsals and are set for the mini-tour. We are coming back in February/ March with a bigger tour which will include a show in Edinburgh.

"We can’t wait to get started. Nobody has had a show of Runrig songs together so it’s quite exciting.

"There is a real demand for Runrig. And I’m very confident in the product, the band are superb, things are looking good.

"I just hope that we become the ones to carry on the music of Runrig live. That their songs keep on going and are not forgotten.”