Should Falkirk follow Stirling's plans to light up at night?

Stirling Council is currently inviting its residents to comment on plans to light up the heart of the city at night.

By James Trimble
Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 1:14 pm

It was stated the proposed feature lighting layout would highlight routes and focal points, and serve as a guide for visitors and residents to discover the city at night.

The aim of the lighting is to highlight the “vibrancy, architectural, beauty and cultural aspects of Stirling”.

The proposal will focus firstly on one of the most notable buildings in Stirling, The Tolbooth – which plays a key role in the skyline of the city.

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Earlier this year Falkirk Steeple looked amazing when it was illuminated in blue to celebrate Strathcarron Hospice's 40th anniiversary

Stirling Council community planning and regeneration convener Chris Kane, said: “This is the first phase of an ambitious and exciting plan to transform the city centre at night time in a way which enhances Stirling’s skyline for residents and visitors.

“Animating the Tolbooth would highlight Jail Wynd and Broad Street and allow the building to become the backdrop for cultural events which would further reinforce the significance of the Tolbooth.”

Earlier this year Falkirk’s famous Steeple – itself a key component of the Falkirk skyline – is usually illuminated and became even more eye catching when it temporarily turned blue to mark the 40th anniversary of Strathcarron Hospice.

Falkirk’s world renowned Kelpies – located some distance away from the town centre – also turned blue for that occasion and are always lit up at night to create a visually stunning spectacle for visitors and passing motorists.

What do Falkirk residents think of Stirling Council’s plan and would they support more buildings and landmarks being illuminated in Falkirk?

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