Safety fears for children in Camelon as waste is blown from rubbish skip near play area

Residents have complained about the handling of waste created by work on the former Camelon Labour Club which was stored in a skip near a local park.

By James Trimble
Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 12:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 1:54 pm

Bob Arber and Fiona Yuill got in touch with The Falkirk Herald regarding building work being carried out at the premises in Nailer Road.

They stated during this work insulation was removed from the club and placed into a skip outside the club by men in white suits who then failed to bag it up.

According to Mr Arber the skip was left unattended and uncovered during the Easter break, and, as it was windy, a lot of the material blew out of the skip and right across Nailer Park, creating a mess.

Workers dispose of the refuse at the rear of Camelon Labour Club

He had concerns it might be fibre glass insulation and, as such, dangerous to children if they decided to pick it up.

Mr Arber got in touch with Falkirk Council environmental health, who he believes visited the site because on Wednesday, April 7, the area around the club had been cleaned up, the skip covered and subsequently removed.

Mr Arber appreciated this but was concerned there had been no attempt to clear the waste which had blown from the skip into the park and the play area, which they believe remains a hazard to children and animals.

Responding to the concerns, Councillor Dennis Goldie, who is still associated with the premises, said the mess had been taken care of.

The skip contained insulation which subsequently blew all over Nailer Park

He added: “There are renovations being carried out at the former Labour Club. They have been going on for some time and are near completion. Falkirk Council did call at the site recently and were perfectly satisfied that any waste was treated properly.

"The timing of the skip removal was due to the Easter break rather than a complaint being made. There is reference to men in white suits moving insulation. This, of course, would be what one would expect for this type of work.

"The club did have men go out and clear up the area around the council bins and bottle banks near the club after the visit by Miss Yuill and picked up any materials which were there – mainly hot food packaging, and domestic waste materials.

"This action was applauded by the near neighbours.”