Rockers band together for big food gig

The Media Whores
The Media Whores

Falkirk’s purveyors of thought provoking punk rock, The Media Whores, are teaming up with the Trussel Trust to help top up foodbanks on their latest Scottish tour.

The band, Craig, Jimbo, Doogie and Andy, have pledged to use their upcoming performances to raise awareness – and collect vital food supplies – for Trussel Trust-run facilities at each stop on their tour.

Stopping off in at Barristas Coffee House, in Grahams Road, Falkirk, on Saturday, October 31, The Media Whores will top the bill of a night which features three other bands.

Brian Guthrie, band manager, said: “It’s Halloween so we’re having a bit of dressing up party, but on the serious side we’re also asking people who come along to bring canned and tinned food along for the foodbank.”

Representatives of Falkirk Foodbank will be there on the night and leaflets will be displayed to give people more information about the foodbank.

Jim Couper, centre manager at Falkirk Foodbank, said: “It’s fantastic the band is doing this at each venue they play to raise awareness of what we are doing.”