Redding mum dishes up a McMummy's 'fakeaway'

Everyone is finding the lockdown tough but for children it’s even more difficult to understand what is going on.

By Jill Buchanan
Thursday, 9th April 2020, 4:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th April 2020, 4:29 pm

They’ve been home schooled and now should be the Easter holidays where they could enjoy spending lots of time with their friends.

But social isolation means they, like everyone else, must stay at home with only their parents and siblings for company.

When eight-year-old Ruby Winters announced she was missing her friends – and even going to Westquarter Primary School, mum Sarah decided it was time to come up with a special lockdown treat.

Sarah Winters with daughter Ruby (8) and her McMummy fakeaway lunch

Sarah explained: “I told her to sit at the table and close her eyes and I would bring her a special lunch.

“She usually only gets a McDonald’s Happy Meal for a special treat but I decided this was the time to come up with my own ‘fakeaway’ for her.”

She produced ‘McMummy’ nuggets, fries and fizz all in hand-drawn packaging to match the popular takeaway.

The clever mum admits that she had spotted the idea on Facebook and decided to give it a go.

Sarah added: “She doesn’t usually get fizzy juice so it was a double treat for her.”

Little brother Daniel, who last weekend celebrated his second birthday in lockdown with only mum, dad Gary and his big sister at the celebrations, gave the McMummy’s a miss – “he only eats fruit and yoghurt” said Sarah.

But now after seeing what her mum produced, all Ruby’s friends are asking their parents to make them a ‘fakeaway’ too.