Pothole knocks Bo’ness pensioner off his bike for good

A retired joiner from Bo’ness has given up cycling after he was knocked off his bike by a pothole and suffered some nasty injuries.

By Kevin Quinn
Friday, 9th August 2019, 6:16 pm
Walter Scott (72) from Bo'ness pictured at the scene of the incident and after treatment.
Walter Scott (72) from Bo'ness pictured at the scene of the incident and after treatment.

Walter Scott (72) was cycling on July 23 along Inveravon Road, off the A905, when he was knocked from his bike by the pothole on a stretch of the road which had been reported to the council.

After initially visiting his doctor, Walter was sent to hospital where he received six stitches in his eyebrow.

He said:“I had quite nasty injuries. I got six stitches in my eyebrow. My cheekbone was damaged. My left side of my body was all scraped and the skin on my right knee was ripped off completely. But I was very lucky.

“The pothole wasn’t all that deep. A couple of inches. But it was half a metre wide. When I came round the corner I couldn’t really see it. I had my brakes on anyway but I still couldn’t avoid it.

“I have been cycling for quite a few years. I try to go out on the back roads to stay away from traffic.

“But the bike is getting sold.

“I tried to keep myself fit and healthy but nearly killed myself. So that’s that. I will still go to the gym three or four times a week though.

“I can joke about it now, but it was a really nasty one. I went right over 360 and landed on the road. I don’t think there is a lot of damage to the bike. I’m going to get it checked and sell it.”

Walter thanked people who helped him after the incident.

He said: “I came off just before the farm. I reported it to the council and they have sent me a claim form which I have filled in and sent back.

“There was a woman driving behind me, Lyn Whitelaw, who saw it all. And she came and helped me. A couple on a motorbike, Liz and Archie McIntosh, also helped. They were all really helpful.

“Liz and Archie said they have reported that road numerous times, the council came out a couple of years ago.

“My knee is still bothering me. The doctor said it’s probably just the tendons that have been damaged. The rest of me is starting to heal up, although I have still got some scars.”