Plea to trace owner of elderly cat found in car’s engine

This car was discovered inside a car's engine. Picture credit: SSPCA
This car was discovered inside a car's engine. Picture credit: SSPCA

An appeal has been made to trace the owner of an elderly cat found stowing away inside a car’s engine.

The Scottish SPCA discovered the pet on Queen Street in Bannockburn, Stirling last Saturday when the driver of the vehicle got in touch after noticing an unusual noise coming from within.

SSPCA animal rescue officer Kirsty Baird said: “After the driver pulled over they spotted the poor cat’s tail poking out under the wheel arch.

“When I arrived she had managed to crawl further into the engine and it was clear I would need more help to get her safely back out.”

Kirsty continued: “Luckily, Dunblane Fire Station was able to help and the owner of the vehicle was very understanding and patient while we worked together to safely remove the cat.

“Eventually we managed to get hold of Flossy, as she’s affectionately been named by our staff at our Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre, and get her over to the vet’s for a once over.

“Despite managing to curl right up by the gearbox area of the car Flossy has escaped unscathed and is being looked after by our team at our centre in Lanarkshire.

“Sadly she isn’t microchipped but we’re sure her owners must be missing her.”

Anyone who recognises Flossy is urged to contact the SSPCA’s animal helpline on 03000 999 999.