Park regeneration funding bid coins in £60,000

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Friends of Zetland Park (FoZP) has teamed up with the local community to coin in an amazing £60,000 to regenerate Grangemouth’s historic public space.

Only three months earlier Falkirk Council resubmitted a bid to Heritage Lottery for financial support to upgrade Zetland Park and FoZP were challenged to raise at least £25,000 towards the cost of the major project.

Heritage Lottery announce winning bids on Thursday, December 14 and Zetland Park, having more than doubled the total they were supposed to raise, must be in with a good chance of success.

Tom Brown, FoZP chairman, said: “I’m humbled and flabbergasted at the success of the fundraising efforts. This is the local community making it clear how much they love the park and they are supportive of the efforts to rejuvenate it.”

The fund raising push included Grangemouth Rotary Club agreeing to donate £1 for every £2 raised and this pledge totalled £12,000, while BP itself pledged £18,000.

A number of individual Protonians showed their support, including Schuh founder Sandy Alexander who donated £5000, while funeral donations in the name of Duncan Adams and Sandy Forsyth collected £4000.

The current Earl of Zetland, who is patron of the funding bid, donated £2000 and superfit septuagenarian Jim Bennie and his hard team of cyclists raised £4000.