New bank posts a nice wee bonus for Denny residents

A new bank is celebrating its official launch in Denny by giving away cheques in the post to every house in the town.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 9:13 am

OneBanks started the Denny Drop yesterday and it will be running all week.

A spokesperson said: “It’s just a little something to celebrate the official launch of OneBanks. Every house in Denny will get a cheque in the post for between £1 and £50.

"People can just pop down to the kiosk and our team will swap the cheque for cash.”

Denny's new OneBank will be posting out cheques to Denny residents which they can then turn into cash at the branch kiosk in the town's Co-op store

The OneBanks staffed kiosk is located in Denny Co-Op, in Stirling Street, and has brought face to face banking back to the town for the first time in two years.

Denny was chosen in June as one of nine locations across the UK to host trials as part of a Community Access to Cash Pilot (CACP) initiative.

It allows communities to work with the banking industry to identify solutions so cash is feasible for individuals and businesses alike as major banks cut their network of local branches.

The new kiosk, which created seven new roles for local people, is seen as the future of High Street banking as the financial sector moves more and more online in a cashless society.

It offers everyday banking from cash withdrawals, deposits, payments, transfers, to support and face to face conversation with human beings, as well as services to customers free of charge.

OneBanks’ founder Duncan Cockburn said: “Co-op is a remarkable retailer with the community right at its heart and by joining forces together here in Denny, we will bring human banking back to the town.”