More Olympic drama off the track that on it

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

I have to admit I struggled to get excited about Euro 2016 – even given the time the games were being played I could have watched more than I did – but the Olympics in Rio has me reaching for the ‘off’ button with even more regularity.

To be fair I was pretty numb after London 2012 with all the hype about how well team GB did being drummed into us long after the final whistle blew or tape was broken and everybody had gone home.

Given that ahead of the main event I had read they were all given loads of sponsorship cash and the best facilities around the world to train and prepare in, should we really have been that surprised at the medal haul – or for that matter the fact some of the ‘stars’ selected for the challenge failed to deliver?

I wasn’t actually thinking about that ahead of the action starting this time, rather what did grab my attention pre-kick-off and much more interesting for me was would the Russians be allowed to take part given all the drama, postulating and finger-pointing about their alleged drug habit.

One minute the entire 300 plus team is going no where and a blanket ban on them travelling is imposed.

Next minute 200 plus athletes wearing the official red jerseys turn up and are being shown to the village when suddenly unwanted attention switches back here where there is uproar a home-grown GB competitor is being allowed to travel and been cleared to compete as well despite missing three mandatory drug tests.

I read about this is four different newspapers and still cannot understand why what happened actually happened and on that basis why she is there at all.

In my view, it’s not right.