Maddiston singer performs in street and online to help those 'struggling'

A singer has been using the sound of music to help spread positivity among her fellow villagers and raise money for important causes.

By Jonathon Reilly
Friday, 22nd May 2020, 4:45 pm

Maddiston resident Carrieanne Craig (30) admits to having struggled at the outset of the coronavirus lockdown.

After a few weeks, the karaoke and cabaret performer began touring the streets dressed as Elsa from hit Disney film Frozen to provide families with some alternative entertainment.

That tour, which lasted five-and-a-half hours, pulled in an initial £287.21 for the Haining Care Home, a sum which has since risen. The nursing home’s residents were also treated to a solo show from Carrieanne on VE Day.

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Maddiston singer Carrieanne Craig has been entertaining neighbours and doing Facebook karaoke shows to keep spirits up during the coronavirus lockdown. Picture: Michael Gillen.

The Scottish Cot Death Trust has also benefitted from her performances, with live Facebook gigs coining in £120 on its behalf.

Each Thursday, Carrieanne takes to her doorstep in Toravon Drive to sing songs for her neighbours following the weekly clap for frontline workers.

Last night saw her street hold a social distancing-friendly party as she rolled out a series of popular hits, including Sit Down by James and The Proclaimers' 500 Miles.

The former welding and engineering manager, who gave up a job with Speedy Hire to pursue a singing career, has also been entertaining online audiences every Friday night via Facebook Live with her ‘Carrieoke’ sessions.

Toravon Drive residents turned out to watch Carrieanne Craig perform live. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Carrieanne, who performs everything from Tina Turner to Johnny Cash, said: “I saw that there were people struggling harder than me, children finding it hard and not seeing their friends.

“I have never seen this as me helping others, it was more of a way to keep myself sane during the lockdown, however, over the last few weeks and after everything I have done my neighbours have since put up a ‘thank you’ banner outside my house.

“I wasn’t doing it for the reaction but everybody has been amazing.

“I’ll be doing it every week until this ends. I’m trying to keep myself going, music is my outlet.”

Carrieanne Craig's neighbours watched as the singer covered a number of well known tracks. Picture: Michael Gillen.

To watch more of Carrieanne’s weekly performances, visit her Facebook page.