Linlithgow 20mph signs being ignored

A traffic survey on Mains Road, Linlithgow, has confirmed that most drivers are ignoring the temporary 20mph signs on the road.

Picture Michael Gillen. LINLITHGOW. A706 Mains Road Linlithgow.
Picture Michael Gillen. LINLITHGOW. A706 Mains Road Linlithgow.

But the range of speeds are not much above what would be tolerated in the 30mph zone, which the road normally is.

Linlithgow’s Local Area Committee heard that a traffic survey had been carried out by council roads officers at three locations on Mains Road for a seven-day period from March 17-23.

Mains Road currently has 20mph zones as part of the Spaces for People programme and in his report Roads Manager, Gordon Brown, said that the figures for traffic volumes might be lower than normal because of the lockdown. When that programme ends the road will return to being a 30moh zone.

In his report Mr Brown said: “From the data collected, in an eastbound direction, motorists appear to be accelerating slightly from the Kettlestoun Mains Roundabout and then slowing as they approach the pedestrian crossing point travelling into Linlithgow.

“In a westbound direction traffic speeds are more consistent between the three survey sites. The mean speed data collected at the sites range from 29.5 to 32.7 mph eastbound and from 31.4 to 32.0 mph westbound.”

Mr Brown told the local area committee: “These speeds are considered in line with a permanent 30mph speed limit but would be considered slightly high for a 20mph. It should also be borne in mind that lower traffic volumes may lead to an increase in speeds.”

West Lothian Council has received requests for traffic calming and speed cameras at the road. Accident figures don’t justify the installation of traffic calming measures and speed cameras are not within the remit of the council to install.

Mr Brown’s report said: "Based on the recent traffic data and accident statistics officers are of the view that Mains Road would not meet the criteria for a safety camera site.”

The timing of the Green Man sequence at the pedestrian crossing in Mains Road has been increased from five to eight seconds while pedestrians are still crossing. The signals do not change to green for vehicles until the crossing detects it’s clear of pedestrians or cyclists.

Mr Brown’s report added: “Any motorists that travel through the pedestrian crossing whilst the red signal aspect is active are committing a serious road traffic offence.

"This illegal behaviour is reckless and dangerous. Police Scotland are aware of incidents of this nature and will provide any enforcement that they deem necessary.

"The council has no powers to address this illegal driving behaviour.”