Level four lockdown residents allegedly invading Falkirk area gyms

Fitness fanatics are supposedly taking their obsession to a dangerous new level by travelling from COVID-19 restricted areas to use gyms in the Falkirk area which remain open.

By James Trimble
Monday, 23rd November 2020, 4:40 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd November 2020, 4:57 pm

A member of a local gym, who wished to remain anonymous, claims he has spotted people he knows come from level four restricted areas using his gym in Falkirk for their workouts.

He said he is concerned for the safety of people who use the gym and the Falkirk area in general because these people are coming from a 4 location where there are more COVID-19 cases and he believes this may lead to an increase in cases here.

The gym member told The Falkirk Herald: “Over the weekend I noticed a lot of ‘new faces’ and after overhearing some conversations and speaking to staff in the gym its seems people from nearby level four areas like Stirling, West Lothian and North Lanarkshire – where the gyms are now shut – are travelling to Falkirk.

People are supposedly travelling from level four areas of Scotland to attend gyms in level three areas like Falkirk

“Apart from being illegal this is putting people who use these gyms in Falkirk at further risk of exposure to COVID-19. The particular gym I attend has branches in Cumbernauld and Livingston which are now closed.

“There are signs in the gym warning people not to come to this gym if your other gym is in a level four area. However, it seems these people are signing up as a new member online or coming for a day pass and providing false information and addresses in order to gain access to the gym.

“Apparently the staff are aware of this but cannot police it. I even recognised people from this other Cumbernauld gym as I used to go there before lockdown in March proving they had in fact travelled from this area into Falkirk.”

According to the Scottish Government, level four COVID-19 restrictions allow people to meet others outdoors and outdoor gyms and non-contact sports are permitted.

Indoor sports facilities must remain closed, however.

In level three areas like Falkirk, gyms and swimming pools are still open and indoor exercise is permitted, but only if people work out individually.