Laurieston flat owner’s rage over ‘unnecessary’ roofing work

The local authority’s decision to replace the roofing at a block of flats in the Laurieston area has met with an angry response from flat owners.

One owner, Helen Craise, said she is being charged around £7000 to pay for the work at the block 29 to 41 Suilven Heights, after being asked to pay £5000 for roughcasting work.

She said: “I don’t mind paying for the roughcasting, but the council admitted the original installation of the roof was substandard. They have admitted the roof was wrong, they’ve admitted they done nothing to maintain it but now want me to pay them over £7000 to fix it.

“I feel like I’m being bullied and will be thrown into debt to pay for Falkirk Council negligence.”

A Falkirk Council spokesman said: “We carried out individual surveys of these blocks, at a cost to the council, and the independent report from this determined replacing this roof was the best course of action.

“The decision to replace the roof is due to deterioration resulting from age, rather the issues with fitting which were resolved a number of years ago. The only routine maintenance we carry out would be clearing gutters and downpipes, not to the roof itself – the design of roof for the flats is fit for purpose.”