Last night drama at the opera

The last night of Sunshine on Leith was spoiled by the antics of some of the audience it has been claimed
The last night of Sunshine on Leith was spoiled by the antics of some of the audience it has been claimed

Seating arrangements at a musical presented by a top drama group hit the the wrong note with some supporters.

Larbert Amateur Operatic Society’s production of Sunshine on Leith completed its week-long run at The Dobbie Hall in Larbert on Saturday.

But as the curtain came down on another sell-out show, some of the audience on the last night have complained they were unable to see it - because others in the crowd were standing and blocking their view.

It is claimed an ‘‘over enthusiastic’’ group of around 20 sitting at tables in front got to their feet to join in the closing numbers, swaying and clapping and singing along, but ruining it for everyone behind them.

One woman complained: “They were obviously enjoying themselves, but spoiled the finale for me and my party sitting at the back of them because we couldn’t see and could hardly hear what was happening on the stage.

“They were so noisy we gave up and decided to leave early, which was a shame because up until that point we had been really enjoying the show.”

Another, who also asked not be be named, said: “It really was too much. It was obvious they were up for a good night out because of the amount of party food and drink they had brought with them.

“They had bags of stuff and before the curtain went up had passed around plates and cutlery. Their tables were covered with bottles and they also took full advantage of the bar at the start and at the interval. Some were seen topping up their glasses with alcohol they were keeping under the tables.”

Society president Jeanna Connell said: “People were standing up and singing along not just in the main hall but upstairs in the balcony as well, but we are now aware some had over indulged with drink and sorry that spoiled the evening for some.

“People bringing in their own drink was not something reported to us until the end of the night when it was too late to do anything about it, but it will be discussed by the committee. The table and chairs idea was introduced a number of years ago for our spring programme, but that will be looked at.”

Mrs Connell said traditional rows of seats will be used when the society presents its Chrismas panto in November.