Larbert author releases debut children's book about her 'teddy bear' dog

Fans of a much loved dog which has become a celebrity in Larbert and Stenhousemuir can now read all about his escapades.

George the Newfypoo – a mix between a Poodle and a Newfoundland – is well known to children, parents and grandparents for his instantly recognisable appearance and friendly nature.

His owner, Esther-Anne Love, began writing about her pooch last year and found her tales would leave her six-year-old grandson Mason entranced.

The 53-year-old Larbert resident is now a published author, having written five books based on her beloved pet and the adventures he embarks on.

Larbert resident Esther-Anne Love has written a series of children's books based on her dog, George. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Creating the first text, titled George the Ginormous Newfypoo, proved to be such an enjoyable experience that Esther-Anne, with help from her son Adam, chose to self-publish the remainder.

Esther-Anne, who is originally from Stenhousemuir, believes the timing of the release of her books could provide some welcome respite for families as they stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

While Clifford the Big Red Dog may be a more familiar name to youngsters from outwith Larbert or Stenhousemuir, the chance to learn about the latest goings-on involving a giant pooch from Falkirk district could, according to the writer, provide children with an entertaining distraction.

As she recalled how she began the process of what will be a nine-book series, Esther-Anne said: “For years I’ve written wee stories and poems.

George the Newfypoo is the star of a series of children's books created by his owner. Picture: Michael Gillen.

“I started making them up about George and my grandson absolutely loved them.

“My books are dedicated to my grandchildren Mason and Lauchlan, who is ten months old.

“I ended up writing and illustrating these stories and sent them to a publisher and although the story was good, the quality of the book wasn’t so I pulled it and went to self-publishing.

“George is our family dog and the most handsome, admired and gentle dog around and he has definite celebrity status in our community. The kids love him and everyone likes to chat with him.

“He looks like a great big teddy bear — the kids absolutely adore him. He’s up to something every day.

“When the kids were passing to go to school they used to stop and shout on him and every time we take him out we get stopped.

“The older people absolutely love him too. Everybody is really lovely with George.”

As well as writing each story, Esther-Anne also does her own illustrations.

Fortunately for her, George’s appearance makes that a relatively simple task.

She continued: “Because he’s so big and fluffy, it’s easy to do squiggles!

“The books are colourful and bright and I thought in this current climate, and because George is loved by so many, I would like to get the word out there.”

To buy copies online, visit the Amazon website.