It's game on for the return of Grangemouth's Geek Guys from May 17

Last year a video game emporium was ready to open up the ultimate “high tech youth club” for the youngsters of Grangemouth … then the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the pause button had to be pressed.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 4:40 pm

Geek Guys, the brainchild of DL and lifelong gamer Paul McFadden, gained a lot of praise – and a lot of young fans – in 2019 with its gaming nights at its former premises in Dundas Street, Grangemouth.

It became well used as a place where youngsters could go to enjoy the social aspects of gaming in a warm and safe environment over the cold and dark winter nights.

However, it was not a very big premises.

There is plenty of space for socially distanced gaming in the new Geek Guys's arcade

"We found another place just down the road from the British Legion in Dundas Street,” said Paul. “It was perfect and much bigger – in March last year we moved everything over and set up enough consoles and gaming areas for over 20 people to enjoy.

"Then we had COVID-19 and we just had to close everything down. Now we are opening things up – although numbers will be restricted – on Monday, May 17. It’s been a long road back.”

The new layout is certainly impressive and much more spacious than the last premise – which allow for social distancing in the current COVID-19 situation.

There are 14 monitors, 25 consoles – including the latest next gen tech like Xbox Series and PS5 – four old style arcade cabinets, six table top games, and a free to use DJ jukebox.

The new look Geek Guys video game arcade is sure to attract a lot of fans and gamers

It’s like the best – and biggest – all-action gamer’s bedroom.

The new layout of Geek Guys video game arcade in Grangemouth