Housing performance comes under committee spotlight

Council housing performance under the spotlight
Council housing performance under the spotlight

Housing chiefs will be under the spotlight today (Thursday) when watchdogs are given an update on work to improve the service.

Falkirk Council’s performance panel will quiz corporate and housing services heads on developments so far to deliver a better deal to thousands of customers.

They will consider the latest report from director Stuart Ritchie on progress made so far.

It will detail key priorities which have been set – and update councillors on what has been achieved so far and where more needs to be done.

The report will confirm some plans are currently “significantly” behind schedule and detail how that situation can be improved.

Mr Ritchie’s department has set itself two key targets - deliver improved service and support to council house tenants while transforming the way the service is provided across the district and review everything it does to meet the changing needs of customers and communities.

Frontline support will change dramatically at the end of the year when the One Stop Shop in Grangemouth becomes the centre for helping and advising householders in the east of the district.

This main advice ‘hub’ will be backed by staff meeting customers in other locations including libraries with staff being seconded to the pilot project from teams that currently provide services via the hub.

Tenants have been consulted on the new approach and further talks with the communities involved are planned.