Hero Shieldhill youngster (4) dials 999 to alert emergency services when mum collapses

Little Logan Neilson was just as big a hero as his favourite comic book character Spider Man when he dialled 999 and helped direct the emergency services to come to the aid of his unconscious mum.

By James Trimble
Friday, 27th September 2019, 4:26 pm

The four-year-old from Shieldhill was at a house in Bonnybridge with his mum, Stephanie Smith, on Monday morning while she was doing some cleaning work.

When she collapsed to the floor Logan was able to use her mobile phone to contact the police.

Stephanie (30), who runs Sparkle Service cleaners, said: “Logan usually goes to my ex-partner’s house, but he was away, so I took him with me to the cleaning job.

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“He was sitting playing games on my phone while I got on with the cleaning.”

Stephanie said she had been feeling slightly unwell that morning, but she felt okay enough to go to work.

“I had been upstairs hoovering and felt light-headed. The last thing I remember was bending down to pick up a candle and then I completely blacked out.

“I must have smacked my head off the wooden TV unit and cracked my ribs on the corner unit. I came to when the ambulance arrived – it’s still a little bit of a blur. They had me in a stretcher with a neck roll on.

“I was confused about why they were all there – the living room was packed with policemen and ambulance people.”

Then Stephanie panicked when she couldn’t see Logan. She asked where he was and found out he was the one who had called the emergency services.

She said: “I said, I had my son with me. They said he’s fine – he was the one who phoned them.

“They said he was out the back and didn’t want to come through because he thought I was dead.

“They told me he had called 999 and said ‘I need to get someone out to get my mum, she’s sick and I think she’s dead’.

“He gave them my name and told them I was 24. He had never been in that house before so he didn’t know where it was.

“They asked him to check I was breathing and said it was really important to stay on the phone.”

The call operator asked Logan to find a neighbour, so the brave wee boy went out the back door, with his mum’s phone, and found someone who could tell the emergency services the address.

“I’ve told him about 999 a lot and I know they teach him that at the Little Stars Nursery with stranger danger and those things.

“I didn’t think he was listening to me when I told him about 999, but he must have been.”

Logan, who is due to start Shieldhill Primary School next year, said: “I said, mummy get up – but she didn’t hear me.

“I phoned 999 and they told me to go to a different house and I gave the phone to a lady.”

Stephanie is now recovering with help from her former mother-in-law, Elaine Cooper – who had been looking after Logan and Stephanie’s other son Aiden (13), while she was in hospital.

“I was really unwell in hospital for two days,” said Stephanie. “I had a CT scan and the said I had a slight bleed in the brain and my ribs were cracked.”

Now back home with her little hero, Stephanie – who had another CT scan to check her condition – said she was on the mend.

Logan, who earned himself a puppet dinosaur and a crocodile dentist from Smyths as a reward for his actions, told The Falkirk Herald he wanted to be a vet when he grew up.