Heritage group in ‘bring back Irn Bru mural’ call

A Falkirk heritage group whose main aim is to rekindle interest in local heroes of the Middle Ages has turned its sights on a far more recent icon of local history - Irn-Bru.

Sunday, 2nd February 2020, 1:30 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd February 2020, 4:36 pm
How some champions of Falkirk heritage think the site should look. Picture, courtesy Scotdrone.

The Society of John de Graeme reckons it’s time the once-famous Irn Bru mural should be returned to its Falkirk birthplace, more than a century after the drink (originally Iron Brew) was produced in the town’s Cockburn Street.

A spokesperson said: “It’s about time Falkirk capitalised on its historic heritage from the Romans to Irn-Bru.... After all is said and done the best things come oot of Falkirk”.

It’s thought the town’s link with the “other national drink” could add a fresh dash of colour to a modern era heritage which now includes, for example, the Falkirk Wheel, helping to stress the town’s former industrial strength.

However in a social media discussion on the subject one responder reckons Irn-Bru owner Barr would be unlikely to foot the bill for a mural, and that taxpayers’ money shouldn’t go on what could be seen as a glorified advert.

The Society’s spokesman takes a more positive view, commenting: “With a town centre in dire need of footfall one would argue the money needs to be invested in a long term strategy to bring people into Falkirk.

“The Battle of Falkirk 1746 visitor centre is one such plan.

My advice would be for Falkirk to capitalise on the fact it is the birth place of Irn Bru and invest in creating a tourist spot for that.

“With thousands visiting Scotland for whisky tours and Irn-Bru a well known Scottish drink around the world it would be of interest to visiting Americans, Canadians etc.”

He adds: “Would a bit of public art that quite frankly won’t boost Barr’s revenue be better than the scabby wall with its billboard? Just a thought.”