Here are the 21 words and phrases that Falkirk people do not like to hear

We all have them – the words and phrases that make us clench our teeth in irritation whenever we hear them.

By David Hepburn
Friday, 9th April 2021, 11:59 am

So, at the end of the day, we thought we’d literally reach out to yous to basically find out your awesome, ‘pacific’ examples on our Facebook page.

Here are 21 examples that really grind your gears.

1) Awesome. Philip Green: “Usually when used it’s for the most mundane of events seen or undertaken.

These are the words and phrases that Falkirk people told us make them lose their cool.

2) Brufen. Heather Barbara Catherine: “Used instead of ‘ibuprofen’.”

3) Literally. Chris Chalmers: “Saying something ‘literally’ happened when it didn't.”

4) Holibags. Gail Conry-Craig: “Said instead of holiday.”

5) It is what it is. Gary Thorn: “It is the most unhelpful, and least comforting statement in bad situations. It offers nothing.”

6) Draws. David Harrison: “Instead of drawers. It drives me up the wall - there's no such thing as ‘a chest of draws’.”

7) Alot. Jenn Fullerton: “And every other pair of short words that are now wrongly joined together.”

8) Basically. Gordon Smith: "Basically this and basically that.”

9) Oh my days. Joanne Spindler: “Where did that phrase spring from?”

10) At the end of the day: Leigh Douglas: “Some people use this far too much.”

11) Pacifically. Philippa Smith: “Instead of specific. It drives me mad.”

12) I am reaching out to you today. Linda Scott: “You are not reaching anywhere, you are emailing me.”

13) My bad. Leah Morrison: “I cannot stand when people say this.”

14) With all due respect. Elaine McMillan: “Actually means ‘I have no respect whatsoever’.”

15) So. Ali Whitwell: “I can’t stand folk that start a sentence with the word ‘so’.”

16) Like. Catherine Cheape: “Young folk use it all the time whilst explaining something.”

17) Hubby and wifey. Rosie Hamilton: “I hate most words that are shortened for cuteness.”

18) Mint. Claire Neilson: “As in ‘they trainers are minted’ or ‘that dinner was minted’.”

19) Yous. Barbara Hamilton: “The plural is you. Drives me mad.”

20) Could care less. Ricky Marciano: “It literally means the opposite of the context it’s used in.”

21) See you later. Stefan Wozniak: “No you won't.”