Grangemouth’s wee Harry shows his big heart raising money for NHS

A four-year-old is following in the considerably older footsteps of Captain Tom Moore to coin in cash for the NHS.

Now the COVID-19 lockdown has forced him to stay home from nursery, little Harry Wright has found himself with a bit more time on his hands and he has not wasted a second.

Dad Gavin said: “Harry has been splitting time between his mum’s house in Renfrew and my house here in Grangemouth. He watched Captain Tom Moore on the news and started asking why was he doing what he was doing.

“I explained you know why you are not going to nursery, because of the coronavirus, well people are getting really unwell from it and the doctors and nurses are helping them, but sometimes they need a bit more money and support.”

Harry Wright and dad Gavin during one of the cycling sessions

Young Harry thought to himself and realised if a 100-year-old can help then a four-year-old should be able to as well.

“He just said out of the blue he would like to help the NHS too,” said Gavin. “So between his mum and me we organised this bike riding idea.”

The family came up with a challenge for Harry to complete a 20km ride in easy to manage 5km sections.

Gavin said: “He did 5k last weekend so he has 15k to go. We go from my house in Abbotsford Drive and start the cycle at Inchyra Park, head long Tinto Drive and through Rannoch Park – it works out at around 5.5 km.”

The youngster, who Gavin calls “my wee hero”, has set up a Just Giving page for his exploits.

Initially he had quite a modest target in mind.

“He told me he wanted to help heal the world,” said Gavin. “I asked him how much money do you think that will take. He said £20.”

Harry has already smashed that total and has now topped £2000 with three quarters of his cycle challenge still to go.

Visit to donate to the cause.