Grangemouth Specsavers colleagues covered bride-to-be’s car with over 1200 post-it notes

Workmates really stuck to their task of covering a colleague’s entire car with multi-coloured post-it notes to mark her last day at work before her wedding day.

Specsavers employees in Grangemouth’s La Porte Precinct were periodically disappearing to the nearby Union Road car park to stick the post-its – four packs of 400 in colours ranging from pink to yellow – all over Kaylie Sheerin’s car.

Branch boss Laura McMeeking said: “We were trying to think of something we could do to mark her last day at work before her wedding and came up with the post-it idea. It was a real team effort – we were sneaking away for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day.

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“We got some really strange looks from people watching us put the post-its on.”

Kaylie was probably a little late home from work that day as all the notes were removed from her vehicle.

Laura said: “All the notes were recycled and we didn’t leave a mess in the car park.”

Kaylie will be getting married to Neil Braidwood at the Three Kings on Sunday.

It’s “note” yet known if the bride’s car will feature any additional decorations courtesy of the Specsavers pranksters.

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