Grangemouth ice cream parlour to donate entire day's profits to Strathcarron Hospice

A generous local business is pulling out all the stops to celebrate Strathcarron Hospice’s 40th birthday and donating all of its profits from tomorrow’s day of trading to the famous palliative care specialist.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 10:22 am

Candied Ice Cream Parlour, which has branches in Grangemouth, Denny and Rumford, hopes to raise around £4000 for the hospice.

Owner Amrit Dhillon said: “We we will donate the entire group sales to the hospice – that means every single penny that goes through our tills at Grangemouth, Denny and Rumford will go straight to Strathcarron.

"Our aim is to raise £4000 but we can only do this with the help and support of our customers. Pop in for a takeaway or order a delivery, go large, get the extra scoop, have the big slice of cake, it all goes to the hospice.”

Amrit Dhillon has been supporting Strathcarron Hospice and its vital work since 2015 after his father Harry sadly died there in that year

Mr Dhillon has championed the hospice since 2015, raising funds for them in the name of his father Harry Dhillon who sadly died at the hospice in that year.

A spokesperson for Strathcarron said: “We are so grateful to Candied Ice Cream Parlour who are making this incredibly kind gesture tomorrow to mark our 40th birthday. Every single penny people spend in Candied’s Denny, Rumford and Grangemouth parlours on Wednesday, April 28 will be donated to Strathcarron.”

A year ago the parlours came out of lockdown and raised an amazing £5500 for Strathcarron.

Mr Dhillon opened the shops in Grangemouth, Denny and Rumford also donated the profits his three parlours made on that 2020 re-opening day to the hospice.

At the time he said: “I felt we would raise over £4000 but we managed to get to £5500. It was an amazing night and I’m so proud of the team, they worked so hard, I couldn’t have asked for any more from them.”

In the last few years the “Candied Man” and his team have had tremendous support from their customers to raise £35,000 for various charities, including Strathcarron.

Mr Dhillon said he and his family have developed a strong connection with the hospice

He added: “This is not the Amrit show – that’s not what this is about. Candied may be the platform for giving and I write the cheques, but it’s my customers who put the ink in my pen.”