Grangemouth High School's DIY Star Wars droid draws praise from far far away

A sixth year pupil at Grangemouth High School used her spare time during lockdown to create an amazing Star Wars battle droid from spare cardboard.

By James Trimble
Thursday, 19th November 2020, 5:33 pm

The force was certainly strong with Sophie Golding (17) when she created a uncanny life size replica of the B1 Battle Droid from Star Wars Episode I, II and III from little more than just cardboard lying around her house.

Pictures of the droid – known as Roger – caused a bit of a disturbance in the force and captured the imagination of people in Australia and Canada.

Even voice actor Matthew Wood, who provides the vocals for the Battle Droid and for General Grievous in the Star Wars flicks, commented on how great the cardboard creation looked.

Grangemouth High School pupil Sophie Golding has created a B1 Battle Droid from Star Wars Episodes I, II and III from nothing other than spare cardboard

Not bad for something Sophie did to pass the long boring days of COVID-19 imposed lockdown.

She said: “I started it in July from some cardboard we had and just kept adding to it. I had already done a cardboard R2D2.”

The frighteningly accurate recreation – whose only enemies in this galaxy are Falkirk Council burgundy bins – used to bide in Sophie’s bedroom – but now he has pride of place in Grangemouth High School library.

“I think the teachers like it more than the pupils,” said Sophie. “There are a lot of teachers who are Star Wars fans.”

Sophie's Battle Droid bangs out a tune on the old Joanna

Sophie says her crafty creations are on hold for now.

“I’ve run out of cardboard and hot glue.”

So no Jabba made from Pizza Hut boxes then?