Grangemouth couple adjust to life as new parents of ‘beautiful miracle baby’ Sophia

A Grangemouth couple who had no idea they were expecting a baby until their little one was born on their bathroom floor are adjusting to life as new parents.

By Charlene Wilson
Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 5:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th May 2019, 3:53 pm

Barrhead Travel customer assistant Stacey Porter (20) thought she was suffering from bad period cramps when in fact she was in the throes of labour.

Concerned boyfriend David Johnston (26), a commercial sales rep, wanted to take her to hospital but Stacey refused saying she “would just go for a lie down and try to sleep it off”.

Stacey said: “I was in a lot of pain and was moaning and groaning but no way did I think I could be having a baby! I thought it was bad period pains or a urine infection or something like that.”

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Stacey’s cramps eventually subsided slightly and to let her get some rest while David, who was working early next morning, went to sleep downstairs. Through the night however the cramps started up again and Stacey found herself on all fours on the bathroom floor.

“I was in a great deal of pain by this point and kept phoning David to come to help me but he wasn’t answering so I was really starting to panic,” she said.

“My body took over then and I started to push and then I saw my baby’s head! It all happened so quick. I managed to get her out and David came up the stairs and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He kept saying ‘Is that a baby?’ and ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’

Stacey told David to call an ambulance and the paramadics who arrived soon after cut the chord and checked Stacey and David’s new baby daughter over before taking them to Forth Valley Royal Hospital for further checks.

Stacey, who is originally from Chryston in North Lanarkshire said: “I think David went into shock as he was looking for his clothes in the fridge before we left for the hospital! When we got there they weighed her and she was 7lbs 13oz and thankfully they told us we were both OK but could stay in overnight just to be on the safe side.

“We both really liked the name Sophia. It came to me while I was delivering her and David said he had always liked that name too so that was that!

“We still can’t believe it though. I had no pregnancy symptoms over the last nine months at all – no cravings, no morning sickness, nothing and I had been having regular periods and was also on birth control. I had thought I had put on a bit of weight after our holiday to Thailand over Christmas and New Year so had started a diet club and had even lost a pound here and there although had also put some on.

“I’d been eating lots of different exotic meats on holiday such as crocodile and shark and drinking a bit too – which I obviously would never have done if I knew I was pregnant.

“The only clue I can think of looking back is that I had heartburn which a lot of pregnant women get and I’ve also heard that’s a symptom of your baby having a lot of hair and Sophia was born with lots of hair.”

New dad David, who also works at Johnston’s Bar Bistro in Falkirk said: “I just couldn’t believe it at first and neither could my family and friends. “I’m a bit of a joker so everyone thought I was winding them up at first when I broke the news, even my parents and best friend.

“Most of our friends and family have met Sophia now though and they have all fallen in love with her. She looks like her mum when she was younger and is a really content little baby – we feel very lucky.

“We can’t put into words how incredibly grateful we are to everyone who has messaged, visited and given so generously to Sophia. We’d also like to say thank you to both our amazing families, friends and colleagues at Barrhead Travel, Certas Energy and Johnston’s Bar Bistro for their ongoing support and jumping in last minute to cover our work.

“Huge thanks also to the 999 operator, the most incredible paramedics and the great support of all the nurses at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

“The past two weeks have been a complete whirlwind of emotions but neither Stacey or I would change it for the world.

“Our beautiful little miracle has been so lucky to have such an amazing start to life.” ❤️

David and Stacey are now planning a special christening service and family celebration for little Sophia.