Former Falkirk dancer’s sponsored event for sick friend

A former highland dancer is lacing up her dancing shoes after 21 years in order to help fund research into a debilitating condition that her friend suffers from.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 2:35 pm

Lauren Hilson from Falkirk is taking part in a sponsored highland dance competition to raise funds for VHL UK and Ireland.

The charity helps people like Lauren’s friend Lynsey Moffat who has Von Hippel Lindau disease (VHL), a hereditary illness associated with tumours arising in multiple organs.

Lauren, a 34 year-old clinical pharmacy technician, will take part in the event on Sunday, November 3 at Bonnybridge Community Centre.

She said: “VHL is a condition that affects so many people yet very few people know of it.

“Lynsey used to live in Falkirk but now stays in Kincardine. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends, having known each other from the age of three.

“Some of Lynsey’s family members, including her daughter Eryn, who is one of my daughter Sophie’s best friends also have this condition and there is no cure as yet.

“I hope to raise money for research and also raise awareness of this condition.”

Lynsey is is one of the strongest people I know, having had multiple surgeries to remove tumours including a brain tumour.

“Currently Lynsey has another brain tumour and multiple kidney tumours to name a few yet she doesn’t let this phase her or get her down.”
Lauren, who has three pins in her leg, says she will be “100 per cent exhausted” by the competition on Sunday but nothing compared to the issues her friend and family go through each day as a result of living with VHL.