Finding new ways to volunteer your time in lockdown Falkirk

Volunteers’ Week 2020 is almost upon us and CVS Falkirk and Falkirk Council have highlighted and praised those who have helped others during the coronavirus crisis.

By James Trimble
Tuesday, 26th May 2020, 12:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th May 2020, 12:38 pm

Taking place each year in the first week of June, the event is an annual celebration of the contribution people make across the UK through volunteering.

Volunteering is an activity people undertake, giving freely of their time, to help, support and enhance the lives of others.

In previous years the volunteering landscape in Falkirk and the surrounding area is vibrant, busy, innovative and supportive, with volunteers of all ages contributing to their local communities.

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Falkirk Council Leader Cecil Meiklejohn is supporting Volunteers Week 2020

Now, in time for this year’s Volunteerss Week, CVS Falkirk and Falkirk Council are highlighting the value of volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Falkirk Council leader Cecil Meiklejohn said: “Words don’t seem enough at this time, but regardless I would like to extend my gratitude, on behalf of Falkirk Council, to every one of our Falkirk volunteers.

“Many of our vulnerable residents have managed to stay home and keep well solely because of the kindness, creativity and commitment of our volunteers and our third sector.

“I look forward to thanking some of you in person when it is safe to do so. Our present challenging circumstances has shone a light on the value of our

volunteers and the unshakeable community spirit across Falkirk.

“Kindness, compassion and responsiveness are the three words I would use to describe each and every person, no matter their age, who have volunteered their time within community led activities and those who have checked in on their neighbours and provided practical support from picking up shopping and prescriptions to putting their bins out or lending laptops and iPads so they can keep in touch with their families.”

At least 1200 local residents have been actively volunteering and more than 1400 people signing up to volunteer.

Jen Kerr, Chief Executive of CVS Falkirk, said: “People helping people is at the heart of every community, every day and none more so than during this time

of uncertainty, illness and need. Within the first weeks of the COVID-19 restrictions, local volunteers, groups and organisations came together to form

support and ways to look after the most vulnerable in our communities.

“Furthermore, 1400 others offered to help if they were needed. Thankfully, we haven’t needed more crisis response volunteers but the offer and good will

deserves a special thank you from us all in every neighbourhood and from every house.

“So during this unique Volunteers’ Week, we would like to extend our thanks to the thousands of people who stepped forward to volunteer but have not yet

been asked to take on specific tasks and to those that have been actively involved.

“As we adapt to our new normal and organisations are keen to return to delivering their services and activities, we will need you to help renew and

build our communities. The social impacts of this pandemic will remain with us long after the virus is gone and let’s ensure that more volunteering one of the

positive ones.”

To mark this amazing effort, as well as to provide a space to celebrate, a new website is being launched during Volunteers


This site will become a hub of information for volunteers or people interested in getting involved in volunteering activity in Falkirk.

Victoria McRae, operations manager for CVS and Volunteer Falkirk, said: “Volunteers’ Week is truly the highlight of our year – recognising and celebrating volunteering within our communities, the individuals, groups and organisations who continue to make a real difference every day to people like you and me.

“While COVID-19 volunteering response is taking center-stage presently, we can’t forget the fantastic volunteers who contribute throughout the year in

their communities, many of whom swiftly changed the way they volunteer so they could continue to help where it was needed.

“They truly are amazing, and, while they do not seek recognition or reward, we really do want to say thank you to each and every one of them.”

On behalf of CVS and Volunteer Falkirk, Falkirk Council and partners,

and all of our local communities thank you so much for all the

volunteering hours and activities that you and your team dedicate to

supporting others. You are all truly amazing!

The CVS is looking for all Falkirk Bairns to help celebrate volunteering by colouring and displaying their volunteering poster in their windows.

Visit to download the poster.