Falkirk’s Helix and Kelpies named a top destination in new travel book

Recently published Lonely Planet’s Ultimate UK Travelist has named the Falkirk area’s popular Helix and Kelpies as one of its top attractions.

Talking about the new travel book – which now includes the Helix and the Kelpies – a Lonely Planet spokesperson said: “This is our list. It’s the 500 most thrilling, memorable, downright interesting places on this planet – and what’s more, we’ve ranked them in order of their brilliance.

“These are the places we think you should experience; there are sights that will humble you, amaze you and surprise you. They’ll provoke thoughts, emotions or just an urgent need to tell someone about them.”

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Coming in a respectable 153rd out of 500 in the book’s attraction rankings the Helix project – which has already attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world – was designed to transform under-used land between Falkirk and Grangemouth into a thriving urban greenspace where people could take their entire family to relax and play, a location where large-scale events and gatherings can take place and – thanks to a large lagoon – a spot where watersports can also be enjoyed.

The Helix’s most visible – and probably most famous – feature is its 30 foot high Kelpies sculpture, which was created back in 2013 in time for the Helix opening in 2014.