Falkirk Wheel gets the stamp of approval from Royal Mail

Falkirk’s world famous revolving boat lift has been immortalised for all time in a new set of stamps which celebrates 50 years of British Engineering.

The Falkirk Wheel, located in Tamfourhill, began operating in 2002, connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal for the first time since the 1930s.

Joining the three way catalytic converter, superconducting magnets and the Harrier Jump Jet – among other engineering marvels – the Falkirk Wheel’s image is now depicted on a first class stamp.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “World-class inventions and innovations have had a huge impact on many aspects of modern life, from medicine and computing to travel and infrastructure.

“The last 50 years have produced many marvels of British engineering, from the smallest of computers, the Raspberry Pi, to the Falkirk Wheel, the world’s only rotating boat lift.”

The stamps and a range of collectible products are available from Royal Mail.

Visit www.royalmail.com/britishengineering for more engineering.