Falkirk schools reportedly no longer reward pupils for perfect attendance

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Falkirk Council schools are apparently no longer rewarding pupils who manage to achieve 100 per cent attendance throughout the entire school year.

In a message to parents yesterday (Wednesday), Bowhouse Primary School stated from now on its pupils would not be acknowledged for never having had a single day off school, because it is not fair on some youngsters.

The statement read: “Falkirk Council will no longer be providing the Present and Correct Awards for 100 per cent attendance this year as the process is inequitable and not inclusive, as some pupils will never be able to gain 100 per cent attendance through no fault of their own - bereavement, illness, etc.”

A council spokesman said: “Falkirk Council has sent letters to all pupils with 100 per cent attendance for a number of years now, thanks to the support of Falkirk Community Trust in offering a free swim in one of their centres to these pupils.

“While we acknowledge this has been good in promoting physical activity among young people, it is felt that it is inequitable and not inclusive of all pupils as there are some who will never be able to attain 100 per cent attendance through no fault of their own – through bereavement, long-term illness, family circumstances or religious festivals.

“In terms of what prompted this, we regularly review our work and offer to schools. There has been a number of complaints in recent years from parents of pupils who fall into the above categories and it has also been raised as an issue elsewhere.

“In light of this, a decision was taken to stop the awards. Some schools may continue some localised award schemes.”