Falkirk Revolution is a sizzling summer success

If you are either young or young at heart it’s arguably difficult to find fault with an event that allows you to run about daft and throw paint at everybody.

Yesterday’s Revolution festival at the Falkirk Wheel was a riotous and fun celebration of Scotland’s now-you-see-it now-you-don’t summer - with not a cloud in sight and plenty of games, food and music to keep everybody happy.

The paint battle is a runaway winner in the event stakes, with people of all ages enjoying the opportunity to vent their artistic creativity, Jackson Pollock style, on anyone too slow to get out of the way.

Meanwhile a flotilla of canoes and kayaks provided a timely reminder about what the canal is all about, and the Wheel itself - centre of attention - provided the perfect backdrop for the festival’s fun and games.

Dylan Black (6) from Falkirk clearly enjoyed being in charge of his own paddle boat

We’ll have more coverage of Revolution day later this week.