Falkirk Provost marks 75th anniversary of VJ Day

Falkirk Provost William Buchanan led a small service to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day at Falkirk’s war memorial.

At 11 am on Saturday, the Provost laid a wreath to pay tribute to Falkirk’s fallen, on behalf of the district.

While the Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to organise a bigger event, Provost Buchanan felt it was still important to mark the special anniversary.

He said: “Despite Covid, it is important that this date is remembered as we give thanks to all those who endured and gave of themselves for the freedoms we have today.

Provost William Buchanan lays a wreath at Falkirk war memorial to mark 75th anniversary of VJ Day on August 15, 2020

“We must ensure that the contribution of those who served in the Far East is never forgotten, nor the horrors they had to endure.”

Provost Buchanan was accompanied by Councillor Robert Bissett and piper Kevin McLean.

Victory over Japan Day brought an end to all hostilities in the Second World War.

Britain suffered more than 90,000 casualties in the Far East and 30,000 of them died.