Falkirk MP highlights the failure of the Child Maintenance Service

East Falkirk MP Martyn Day brought his constituents’ concerns about the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) before the UK Parliament this week.

Mr Day secured a debate in Westminster Hall concerning the effectiveness of the CMS after receiving several complaints about the current system. He stated, in this year alone, there have been in excess of one hundred questions tabled by 28 MPs on behalf of their constituents on the issue, while three different members have made requests for a parliamentary debate to be held about the processes and procedures used by CMS.

Mr Day said: “The current Child Maintenance Service system is letting down many constituents across Britain – both paying and receiving parents. I would like all children to benefit from receiving maintenance payments that are consistent and compatible with the paying parent’s income level.

“Sadly, evidence shows that the system’s failures are having a significantly negative impact on people’s well-being.”