Falkirk man (51) lost eight stone and reversed his diabetes

A Falkirk scout leader is no longer diabetic and can now once again fit inside the kilt he wore at his wedding 30 years ago after he lost eight stone.

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 7:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 8:39 am

John Dick weighed over 23 stone when he joined Slimming World in January 2019 and his health was suffering greatly.

He said: “I was about to turn 50, which was a huge factor for me, but the main reason was being diagnosed with type two diabetes at the end of 2017. To be honest it wasn’t a surprise.

“I knew I was overweight, I was always tired and out of breath, had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and severe back pain. After being diagnosed, I had to take two tablets a day for my diabetes.

John Dick can now fit into the kilt he wore at this wedding 30 years ago after losing eight stone
John Dick can now fit into the kilt he wore at this wedding 30 years ago after losing eight stone

"I knew if I wanted to be healthier in my 50s I needed help.

"When a flyer for Slimming World dropped onto my doormat, I thought this is it, I’ll join. I’m so glad I did.

"The advice from the consultant was so helpful from the offset it helped me tremendously.

“In just over 12 months I lost over eight stone and my health has improved dramatically. My diabetes is in remission, I’ve been off all medication now for over a year – and I feel fantastic.

John Dick was over 23 stone and diabetic when he decided to do something about his weight

"My blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is no longer high, and I don’t suffer from the back pain I had before either. I have so much more energy, I’ve taken up running.

“I run three times a week and completed the Edinburgh marathon 10K, two years running. When I crossed the finishing line and shared a post on Facebook the support I got from my Slimming World group was phenomenal.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t lost weight before lockdown.

"Now restrictions are easing, I’m seeing people I’ve not seen for a while and they can’t believe the difference in me. I’m a Scout Leader locally and when one of the parents I knew well didn’t recognise me at all, that really made me realise the changes I’ve made. I know I’ve inspired others to join too.”

John said he is shocked when he remembers what his eating habits were once like.

“It was always fast food. I realise now we picked up some bad habits. I never thought I had time to prepare food, so we’d just get something quick like pizza or pie and chips.

"I wouldn’t think about what I was eating at all. Now I plan my meals and I never feel hungry. I’m cooking everything fresh from scratch. It might take a wee bit longer, but it’s so much healthier.

“I never miss a Slimming World group as the support I get there is just fantastic, it keeps me motivated. I know I would struggle some weeks without the encouragement I get every Thursday night.

"All the members are so friendly – we support each other sharing recipes and ideas. I enjoy being there and I’ve talked so much about how great it is, my wife Elissa comes along too now.

"I joined the virtual groups during lockdown and now we’re able to be back face to face, it’s lovely seeing everyone again.”