Falkirk initiative to safeguard vulnerable children and adults

People across Falkirk are being urged to keep their eyes and ears open for children and vulnerable adults who may be at risk of harm, neglect or abuse during lockdown.

The message is simple: If you see something, are told something or something doesn’t feel right you need to report it.

There are fears that with children not being in the classroom and vulnerable adults not attending their usual activities there is the potential for any risks not to be picked up.

Falkirk’s child and adult protection committees have joined forces to run a social media campaign highlighting the issue – and the fact that their services haven’t stopped during lockdown.

“We are encouraging everyone across Falkirk to keep their eyes and ears open,” said Gemma Ritchie of the adult protection team.

“Vulnerable adults and children can be at risk of harm at any time but especially just now during the Covid-19 situation.

“People’s usual support networks aren’t available to them so we’re worried about hidden harm that we don’t know about.

“It’s always better to say something than do nothing.”

They have also produced a leaflet telling people how they can get in touch if they want to report any concerns.

These leaflets are being delivered by a group of volunteers from Safebase who are delivering food, medicine and other essential items to people in Falkirk who can’t get out and about during lockdown.

The Safebase team of volunteers certainly has a connection with the community – they have now delivered more than 1000 prescriptions since they took on the job for the Falkirk area.

“We’d like to thank all the volunteers for helping us out with this really important message,” said Gemma.

If you have any concerns you can report them to the social work team on 01324 506070 or police on 101.

If someone is in immediate danger call 999.