Falkirk group of family and friends aiming for a Christmas number one

The Warm Hearts Collective has recorded a Christmas song
The Warm Hearts Collective has recorded a Christmas song

A group of talented family members and friends have formed the Warm Hearts Collective (WHC) and recorded a song designed to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

WHC is a not-for-profit organisation focused on creating community through arts-driven events and its most recent project, a Christmas music single entitled Warm Hearts, is now creating a bit of a stir online.

Warm Hearts Collective member John Graham (63) said: “The spirit of Christmas is perhaps more important in our current climate than at any other point in recent memory. It can and should be a time for everyone to come together and forget about the things that divide us.

“This is precisely what the Warm Hearts Collective are proud to have achieved – a collaboration coming together to create the spirit of Christmas. We are an eclectic mix of talented family and friends who have coalesced around this wonderful new Christmas song which is already gaining momentum on social media.

“Our song Warm Hearts can be likened to the great Christmas songs of the 80s with a modern twist.”

The song is a real family affair with engineer John and his teacher son Colin, also a songwriter, at the heart of the undertaking.

John said: “My imagination was fuelled when I heard Colin’s latest song so, together with my wife Grace we started managing this project alongside the wonderful Claire, our Social Media, Promotions and Marketing creator.”

The lead vocalist on Warm Hearts is Colin’s partner Charlotte Mae, who is currently studying to become a schoolteacher.

John said: “Our pianist Elaine is a music teacher and proud mum to our guitarist Rob – an ex-pupil of Colin’s who currently studies music at Napier University in Edinburgh while spending his spare time playing in bands.

“The final member of the collective is our great friend Dom, who is the drummer, sound engineer and producer of the track. An extra special mention goes to eight-year-old Sam, Colin and Charlotte’s son, and my grandson, who provides the beautiful angelic finale to Warm Hearts.

“We are family, we are friends, we are colleagues and we all share the same vision. The Warm Hearts Collective would love Christmas 2019 to be the one where we all not only join together but collectively, who knows, we can reach the Christmas number one spot.”

The collective are offering the possibly once-in-a-lifetime chance for a member of the public to actually lend their voice to this potential festive chart topper.

John said: “Not only do we have an engaging Christmas song but we are uniquely offering the opportunity for the public to lend their voice which could then feature on a special remix edition of Warm Hearts.”

Warm Hearts is now available digitally on major streaming platforms.

Visit www.warmheartschristmas.com for more information on the collective, links to downloading the single and how you go about becoming part of it.