Falkirk delivery driver has her leg broken in horror smash

A delivery driver was screaming in pain after a van ploughed into her parked vehicle and left her with a broken leg.

The young woman was sitting in her car with the door open and her leg resting near the kerb when the van smashed into her vehicle, shunting it with such force her ankle was crushed between her car and the kerb.

The incident happened just after 10.30pm last Saturday in Grahams Road, Falkirk, outside the Kebabish takeaway.

Zohaib Arshad, Kebabish owner and the delivery driver’s boss, said he thought she would have been as safe as houses, sitting in her parked vehicle on the pavement side.

The incident happened outside Kebabish in Grahams Road, Falkirk on Saturday night and left a delivery driver with a broken leg

He said: “I could see the point if she was walking in the middle of the road and was hit, but she was sitting in her car when it happened. She saw the van coming and thought it was going to stop, but it never did.

“She went to the car to just get some money from it. She was sitting in it with her leg outside and when the van hit the car her ankle was trapped between her car and the kerb.

“I think the police took the person who was driving the van into custody,” said Mr Arshad.

The delivery driver was taken away in an ambulance and still faces the prospect of further treatment on her leg.

“She is okay, but she’s still in hospital and will be getting an operation on her leg next week,” said Mr Arshad.

Kebabish has not had its troubles to seek in 2020, having to fight to survive in the current COVID-19 climate and then falling victim to an infamous criminal rampage in July – which was captured on video – when a woman entered the premises and proceeded to destroy the counter, causing £4000 of damage, and hurl vile abuse at staff.

The woman who committed the crime was placed under supervision for two years, told to undertake alcohol counselling and pay £400 in compensation.

At the time Mr Arshad told The Falkirk Herald: “We aren’t happy at all. It’s totally an injustice. The compensation should be higher and she must be jailed.”