Falkirk care worker struck off after attack on 81-year-old dementia patient

A former employee of a Camelon nursing home has now been removed from the Support Workers in a Care Home Service for Adults register after he lost his temper and manhandled an elderly dementia patient in his care.

By Herald Reporter
Thursday, 25th July 2019, 4:40 pm
Scott Leadbetter attacked the 81-year-old at Kinnaird Manor Care Home back in 2017
Scott Leadbetter attacked the 81-year-old at Kinnaird Manor Care Home back in 2017

Scott Leadbetter, from Falkirk, was suspended from the register and sacked from his post at Kinnaird Manor Care Home, in Brown Street, following the incident which happened back in May 2017.

Earlier this month Mr Leadbetter attended a Scottish Social Services Council fitness to practise panel impairment hearing to answer for his misconduct.

The panel stated that, during the course of his employment as a care assistant at the premises, Mr Leadbetter shouted in the man’s face “I’m not a little girl you can hit – I’m big and strong” and then forcefully removed the man from the lounge area by pushing him out of the door.

He was later seen to be straddle the man, who was lying on the floor at that point, and shout “you are psychotic”, while grabbing the man’s wrists and holding his hands above his head.

Mr Leadbetter, who was described as at “least six feet tall” was said to be “intimidating” and had been seen to lose his temper with staff before, but never with patients until this incident.

It was stated is conduct on the day in question was “out of character”.

A witness said Mr Leadbetter’s handling of the 81-year-old was “forceful”, like someone throwing a drunk out of a pub and added Mr Leadbetter pushed the elderly man out of the open double doors by the “collar of his shirt and the belt loop of his trousers”.

She stated it happened “in the blink of an eye”.

The panel said Mr Leadbetter had demonstrated limited meaningful insight into his misconduct and its potential consequences – in particular, he had not demonstrated insight into the effect his conduct may have had on the 81-year-old man.

In coming to its decision earlier this month the panel stated: “Ater a very thorough consideration of the alternative sanctions available, all of the evidence and all of the mitigating and aggravating factors in this case, a Removal Order is the only sanction that will provide an adequate safeguard against you repeating your misconduct.

“It is the only sanction that will ensure that service users and your colleagues are not placed at risk of harm and that will maintain public confidence in social services. The need to meet these objectives outweighs your personal interests and justifies removal.”

A spokesperson for Kinnaird Manor said: “The health, safety and wellbeing of our residents are our top priorities and we do not tolerate the type of behaviour exhibited by this individual.

““At the time of the incident in 2017, the individual in question was suspended and later left our employment. We strongly support the SSSC in enforcing high care standards across Scotland.

“Kinnaird Manor was rated as ‘Good’ by the Care Inspectorate for ‘Care and Support’ at our most recent inspection, which highlights the commitment of our staff team to delivering the kindest possible care to all of our residents. We also receive regular positive feedback from residents and relatives, with the home being rated 9.8/10 on the independent comparison website, Carehome.co.uk.”