Falkirk boutique celebrates a happy birthday

Liza and Eunice celebrated Puddle Lane's first birthday yesterday.
Liza and Eunice celebrated Puddle Lane's first birthday yesterday.

Puddle Lane was launched by Falkirk mum Eunice Livingstone and her daughter Liza Hoffman a year ago this weekend - and is reckoned to have plenty to celebrate.

At a time when several High Street units lie empty the pair were nevertheless convinced they had a winning idea that would secure strong local custom - and seem to have been proved right.

Puddle Lane (opposite the Wheatsheaf) aims to sell items you won’t find in the big department stores.

It stocks everything from quality cards to unusual jewellery - some produced in Falkirk - besides (for example) scarves, dispensers, homeware, baby and children’s gifts.

The style of service, the variety, and the fact that “there’s always something new” are said to have won plenty of custom to a spot some might call secluded (accessed through Wilson’s Close from the High Street) - but which Eunice and Liza say has proved an ideal location.

In a message on social media Liza and Eunice said: “It has been a fabulous year and we are so grateful to each and every one of you lovely people for all of your support and loyalty!

“Every Facebook like or share, every card or gift bought, every lovely review left, every new Instagram follower, every person who just pops in for a wee browse - we appreciate it all! Thank you so much!”

Plenty of now regular customers were on hand this weekend to wish the venture well on its first birthday - and many happy returns.