EXCLUSIVE: Falkirk shop first in Scotland to sell CBD oil-infused ice cream

A Falkirk-based shop has become the first in Scotland to sell Canabidiol (CBD) oil-infused ice cream.

By Charlene Wilson
Thursday, 20th June 2019, 5:43 pm

Kyle Gentleman, who runs ICE shops in both Redding and Larbert, has produced the product in partnership with Elaine Grant from family-run Falkirk wellness company, Natures Medics.

Elaine is a passionate advocate of the health benefits of CBD oil, a substance made up of cannabinoids, which is extracted from the cannabis plant.

CBD oil is widely believed to relieve chronic pain and inflammation and also help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and epilepsy.

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It is also thought to be useful in treating cancer although this has not been scientifically proven.

Elaine sells CBD oil online via her Natures Medics website along with other products such as pain balm, immune-boosting supplements and specialist herbal teas.

She said: “I’ve seen first hand the benefits CBD can have as I believe it helped my mum who suffers from both arthritis and COPD and also my son who has autoimmune disease.

“I think in recent times the whole perception of CBD oil has changed and people of all ages are more accepting to using it for wellness purposes – my oldest customer is 93!”

Elaine said she was “thrilled” when Kyle approached her to supply products to be used to make CBD ice cream.

“He had apparently been recommended me by quite a few different people which was very flattering and I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in straight away.”

Twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneur Kyle only recently began selling the aptly-coloured green CBD oil ice cream, priced at £2.50 a scoop and is already struggling to keep up with demand.

“Word spread pretty quickly as soon as it began selling and we ran out almost straight away!” he said.

“The feedback I’ve had from customers has been brilliant. Most have told me they were suprised to find that it actually tastes delicious despite the fact you can tell it has the CBD oil in it too.”

“Flavour-wise I figured if I was going to do this I wanted it to actually taste like what it was but also make it taste nice too,” he explained.

“I could have easily hid it in a raspberry or strawberry flavoured ice cream or something like that but because I wanted it to actually taste like what it was I just mixed it with my own vanilla recipe so it has a bit of an earthy taste but is really creamy too.”

Kyle is no stranger to creating revolutionary flavours, having launched the popular Strongbow Dark Fruit dessert last year and, prior to that, mayonnaise flavoured ice cream, which was also a surprise hit.

“People were surprised how nice the mayonnaise one tasted too and it caused such a stir online that it was even talked about on the Ellen DeGeneres show in America and on a news channel in Toronto!” he said.

“With regard to the CBD oil ice cream I know the oil is reported to have huge health benefits and it would be great to think my ice cream, as well as being enjoyed by people could actually help them too, although we are not saying that it definitely will.

“I believe we’re the first in Scotland to sell this and possibly the UK too.”

Elaine said she “absolutely” approves of Kyle’s CBD oil infused creation.

“The feedback has been amazing with everyone saying it tastes fantastic and the fact it sold out on day one says it all,” she said.

“I’m really proud to have been involved in this project and for us to have launched the first CBD oil-infused ice cream in the country.

“I know Ben and Jerry’s are keen to launch their own one in America but haven’t been able to do so yet because of legal constraints.”

In the UK CBD oil is legal as it does not produce a high, due to it having less than 0.2 per cent of the psychoactive ­tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol (THC).

Data from the Cannabis Trades Association UK shows the number of cannabidiol consumers shot from 125,000 in 2017 to 250,000 in 2018.

For more information on Kyle’s ice cream products visit his ICE Facebook page and for further details on Elaine’s wellness products follow Natures Medics on Facebook, visit www.naturesmedics.com or call her on 07543679008.