Erin’s day in the Grangemouth sunshine was everything she wanted

This year’s Grangemouth Children’s Day was blessed with magnificent weather and a ton of support from crowds who lined the streets before soaking up the sun in Zetland Park.

It was Moray Primary School pupil Erin Simpson’s turn to shine as the 101st Queen of the historic annual event and she enjoyed every second of it – from the procession through the streets, which featured the brand new addition of Queen’s Guards, to the crowning ceremony with Donna Corbett, of local jewellers Ross Philip, doing the honours.

The day was perfect from start to finish and Erin and her family managed to involve nearly every resident of the aptly named Princes Street in the fun with her massive Magic Kingdom arch, which must have featured every Disney character ever created.

Grangemouth Children's Day 2019 Queen Erin Simpson crowned by Donna Corbett