Drunk caught out by CCTV

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A construction worker has been jailed – after being nabbed drink-driving by a corner shop’s CCTV system.

Simon Blair was already banned from the road when he was involved in an “altercation” outside the store in St Ninians, Stirling, around 6pm on August 27.

Stirling Sheriff Court was told last Thursday Blair was “seen to be intoxicated” and started to argue with police who had arrived to calm the situation down.

Witnesses approached officers to tell them the 35-year-old had driven up to the shop in a silver Audi A3.

Prosecutor Lindsey Brooks said: “It turned out the accused driving up in a vehcile and getting out of it had been captured on the CCTV.”

Mrs Brooks said Blair was required under terms of the Road Traffic Act to say who was driving and replied: “The driver of the vehicle was the owner of the vehicle.”

It then turned out that the car, though registered to a workmate, was actually owned by Blair.

Mrs Brooks said: “He was asked to provide a breath sample but failed to do so. No reason was given.”

Police took possession of the car and arrested Blair.

Blair pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified, having no insurance and failing to take a breathalyser test when required to do so under the drink-drive laws.

Defence lawyer Stephen Macguire said Blair had been suffering from a long-standing alcohol problem, but had been “sober since the end of August and intends to remain that way”.

He said the married dad-of-three was working and could pay a fine.

The lawyer said: “He has no recollection of these events. The circumstances that led to him driving that evening are unclear.”

Sheriff Wyllie Robertson said Blair had a number of previous convictions for driving while disqualified.

Jailing him for 10 months and disqualifying him for five years, the sheriff told Blair, from Bruce Street, Plean: “Custody is the only appropriate disposal.”